Krispy Kreme, here I come!

June 2008

This past summer I received a phone call. Brooklyn was just starting to sizzle from the summer heat and I had no intention of traveling to a warmer climate. The good kids at JoyBean Studios were making another short film down in Georgia & needed someone to do Production Design. I knew that at the end of the shoot there would surely be a bowling night...one where I would get an ass whuppin' due to my lousy Granny bowling skills. I knew I had to go. The road & strange rest stops were calling me.

The drive from Brooklyn to Atlanta is long & lonely if done alone, so I decided to make a pit stop to visit my newest nephew in Roanoke, VA. I hadn't seen him in a while & he had grown little sausages for arms & legs. It was sad to think these would one day stretch out into normal adults limbs & I could no longer chew on them.

When I stopped for gas & instantly got butt sweat, I realized I was close. Then I saw the sweet, familiar sign that makes mouths water. The siren song of the south....Krispy Kreme.



Emerging from Hibernation...

I have decided to finally emerge from my long sleep. I am still drowsy but finally ready. So it begins...